Monday, September 22, 2008

No Means NO, Dumbass!

Okay, so this time around - I let you into a very personal aspect of my life. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE understand that while I was never forced into something I didn't want - I was pressured but I stood my ground!

No person, regardless of gender, preference, or subject matter, should be forced or guilted into something that they don't want to do. Which is basically what someone had tried to do - guilt me into something by playing on my emotions... It takes a special brand of a person to be able to say "no" and to stand their ground. But, I honestly believe we all have had some experience(s) in our history that we weren't able to say "no" to and stick to our guns... I know that I have that, but what I have learned - is that I'm no longer weak and I can say "no".

I may at a future time, go a little deeper with what I was talking about, but after almost 20 so odd years from the beginning of it all - I don't dwell on it anymore. A person becomes stagnant (WOO-HOO! My college education paying off with the use of a big word!) if they stop living and only focus on one bad aspect of their life...

Please, for the love of WHATEVER or WHOEVER you may or may not believe in, get help if something ever happens to you. There are TONS of local and national services available. You're letting the other person win if you dwell and fester...

But I love you all, and not just for tuning into my show every week (or so), because a person has to be able to love. If for no other reason then to try to cancel out some of hate that we feel towards others... And go check out Mentalwarts Radio - I have my own THEME MUSIC!!! If the CRS doesn't kick in next time - I'll try to remember to explain that one!

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl, when are you going to put out a new one? Miss ya
You're not pod-fading already?