Friday, November 28, 2008

Could We Just Get Along?

Hey everyone! Hope y'all are recovering from being forced to eat too much turkey and spending time with family members that they may or may not like that much. Thankfully - my turkey came out very well, and I was able to clean everything up very quickly - which is ALWAYS a plus!

But I need to head up to bed - this migraine is kicking my ass and the more I try to type coherently - I swear the more it hurts! Anyone wanna go see Quantam of Solace with me? HAHA!

Love y'all and plus love everyone else!
~Princess Honah

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sex Afterglow!

Hey Everyone!

All things considered - I'm still in a good mood. I got a RAGE recording out yesterday, that I have decided not to post because I have to believe in karma and how everything you put out - you get back times three! But anyways - the Pet Hobo came up last night and we had good times! Granted, now I'm paying for it with my back but that's what I get and it's what I wanted.

But yeah - I tried hard to not let any of the rage seep into this recording that I'm posting tonight, because it's just not worth it. I have to remember that I graduated from high school 10 years ago and that I might be one of the youngest pod casters out here...? So, I don't need to be as catty as others. So, this time - I talk about a few different things, including letting some music "greet" you when you first press play. Hope I don't "offend" anyone's ears by my choice of music?! And for anyone that might be wondering (because I'm not sure if I addressed it in my last one) everyone is FINALLY home from the hospital and trying to recover. So that's good, and I'm very grateful/thankful and humble for everyone's thoughts/wishes for my family. Also, I talk about how I feel that actually cooking a full turkey for Thanksgiving is like a rite of passage. I mean, last year wasn't the firs Thanksgiving that I celebrated, but normally - I was living at home, making it with Dottie (while we were still getting along), then it was going to the house after I was kicked out, and then my first Thanksgiving in my house - I made turkey breasts because I was that scared/broke, and last year I made the full bird, and I'll be doing it again this year! Thankfully - I don't try to deep fry it!!!

But I truly hope that everyone is doing well and I may or may not be back before Thanksgiving - and incase I'm not - I hope that everyone is safe and remembers that Thanksgiving isn't just an excuse to OD on tryptophan! And here's to hoping that I can come out of this holiday season without GAINING weight!!!!???

Love y'all!
~Princess Honah

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ramblings of a Crazy Girl

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been a bit quiet - but I was trying to make sure I didn't go over on my Libsyn storage space. I literally, ramble on, even worse then Tom the Ramble Redhead, in this installment! But I'm just a tad bit out of it, but that's OKAY!

By the way - the car accident that I talk about, for longer then I should have probably, occurred on May 4, 2006. Attached is one of the pictures of my poor poor baby afterwards... Yeah, she didn't survive but that's a good thing because she was dying as it was! It was a VERY PAINFUL and very well drug hazed "miracle" in disguise...? Who knows!

But it's REALLY fucking late and I'm too tired to continue... I really hope that everyone is well, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me, myspace me or call me?!?! I love to know that y'all are out there!!!
(206) 312-4719

Also - please don't forget to check out any or all of the shows that I've mentioned - I love them and I bet you will too!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why I Hate Video Games!

Okay, so I'm back and I'm sick. It BLOWS! But what blows more - I have given into other's demands and plugged in my PS2 downstairs. Now I can't stop playing this fucking game and OMFG my thumb is turning purple and SO NOT in a good way! But I hope that everyone is well and hopefully when I sit down to record again - my thumb and voice will be back to normal!?

And I apologize for my coughing, for what it's worth - I did turn my head away from the mic.

Love y'all!