Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My First Menage a Trois

Welcome back! I am purposely staying awake to put this out - just to make Nessa happy! I REALLY hope that it works because I might have mixed a .wav and .aud file together when I turned everything into a giant .mp3 - good LORD I'm going META on myself! HELP!!!!!!!!

Everything's been going okay, when compared to the "standards" or "norms" of other weeks. My dad really upset/scared me at lunch today - he seems to be losing what bit of function he had gotten back in his right arm. I was really frustrated because I had taken him to lunch (whodadunk I'd take HIM to lunch on my own dime?!) and it was really hard watching him trying to eat his fries and salad. It didn't help him that I was trying to hold his bowl steady - it was actually making him more nervous because he really doesn't like accepting help, especially since we were kinda public. But I couldn't not help him - he's my daddy for fuck's sake! But I really think the divorce paperwork is going to be FINALLY settled, so he can go downtown and get his pension and retirement benefits which will mean that he can get his medical insurance again.

But I hope that everyone is doing okay and I'm going to go upstairs and continue watching Parking Wars - I've learned A LOT from watching this show! Which made it even FUNNIER to me today when my dad told me that he got a parking ticket while he was at his lawyers office (apparently he parked on the other side of road? something about it was a two lane road but he parked facing the wrong direction of traffic - instead of parking on the right left - he went left) And he's made it harder b/c he lost the ticket in less then 30 minutes! So I have to figure THAT out and figure something out with Blockbuster, b/c he's being charged for not returning Hellboy, but apparently he returned the box with a dvd in it - but it was a porno not Hellboy... SO that'll be F-U-N!!!

Love you!

~Princess Honah