Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome Welcome Welcom!

Okay, so far I've already posted two episodes on iTunes and have gotten two AMAZING plugs (thus far) from two AMAZING friends - Archerr of ArcherRadio (check him out!) and Mary from A Drink To Be Sober (check her out too!).

I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing - but we'll all figure this out together! I've "introduced" a few family members so far - Dottie is my mother (if you ever saw Armageddon - the old guy in the first scene... yeah!), Daddy is naturally The Bank of Dad, Cupcake is my 14 yr old sister, Chi-Chi Rodriguez is my 12 yr old brother (again - another movie reference), The Future Belly Dancer is my 12 yr old sister, Shithead is my son's sperm donor, Boy Genuis (Nickelodeon tv reference) is my WONDERFUL (and very soon to be) 6 yr old son, and naturally - I'm your WONDERFUL(?) host - Princess Honah!

I hope everyone will enjoy the show, I'm also at AND I have a listener line - though I have yet to set up my voicemail - 1-206-312-4719

Hope to hear from everyone!