Saturday, June 13, 2009

Okay, so not only has it been a long time since I posted a new show, it's also been a while since I posted a new blog. It seems like so much has changed, but I think in reality - not much really has. I'm still working a job that's questionable sometimes on how much I actually enjoy it, I'm still trying hard to avoid my mother and other people in my life that I don't want to deal with, still trying to drop weight via Weight Watchers and oh yeah - still sleeping with a man whose engaged. Life of a fucking party, yes no?

I truly hope that others are doing much better then I am, or at least know in which direction they are heading. Because Lord know's I don't! Currently I'm working on getting ready to head to Chicago for a few days and to say that I'm scared shitless - is putting it mildly! Partly because I haven't flown in SO LONG and partly because I've never been away from the baby before. Yes, he's gone to the shore with his grandparents before, but I've always been at home, a short drive away. This time - I'm going away from him and it scares me. Plus I haven't flown since 1992!

Today's been interesting because I've finally started watching Tru Blood - problem is, the first nine shows go off of HBO On Demand by Monday. I have at least 5 more shows I need to watch before then and then I realized the other shows go off On Demand on the 22nd and I won't be in town next weekend. So I have A LOT of shows to watch! But currently I have Whale Wars on just because I needed something else on the tv for a short bit. Thankfully - I have nothing else planned besides on the next break I take - I might record... Keyword - MIGHT! Though I find it funny - I'd expect on Tru Blood the opening song to be the one that's the opening song for Whale Wars (something about "the world is a vampire"...?) But who knows. I'm just glad my homework is done and I have to start working on this coming weeks' work. Ugh!

Until next time, please take care and I'll try not to wait 4 months til my next post!