Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sex Afterglow!

Hey Everyone!

All things considered - I'm still in a good mood. I got a RAGE recording out yesterday, that I have decided not to post because I have to believe in karma and how everything you put out - you get back times three! But anyways - the Pet Hobo came up last night and we had good times! Granted, now I'm paying for it with my back but that's what I get and it's what I wanted.

But yeah - I tried hard to not let any of the rage seep into this recording that I'm posting tonight, because it's just not worth it. I have to remember that I graduated from high school 10 years ago and that I might be one of the youngest pod casters out here...? So, I don't need to be as catty as others. So, this time - I talk about a few different things, including letting some music "greet" you when you first press play. Hope I don't "offend" anyone's ears by my choice of music?! And for anyone that might be wondering (because I'm not sure if I addressed it in my last one) everyone is FINALLY home from the hospital and trying to recover. So that's good, and I'm very grateful/thankful and humble for everyone's thoughts/wishes for my family. Also, I talk about how I feel that actually cooking a full turkey for Thanksgiving is like a rite of passage. I mean, last year wasn't the firs Thanksgiving that I celebrated, but normally - I was living at home, making it with Dottie (while we were still getting along), then it was going to the house after I was kicked out, and then my first Thanksgiving in my house - I made turkey breasts because I was that scared/broke, and last year I made the full bird, and I'll be doing it again this year! Thankfully - I don't try to deep fry it!!!

But I truly hope that everyone is doing well and I may or may not be back before Thanksgiving - and incase I'm not - I hope that everyone is safe and remembers that Thanksgiving isn't just an excuse to OD on tryptophan! And here's to hoping that I can come out of this holiday season without GAINING weight!!!!???

Love y'all!
~Princess Honah

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