Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For the Love of Benadryl

Okay, so like I said at the very end of my show and in the show notes - I'm sorry for sniffling and moving about a lot. The weather around here has SERIOUSLY blown lately and it's getting to me. But this time around, I joke about how it took me a number of recordings before I was able to sit down, record and like what I said. Because I do have to keep in mind how much of my life I'm willing to put out there, because while I use an email address that most of my friends don't know about - I'm not willing to risk an exboyfriend stumbling across my cast!

I also talk about how I've tried to squelch Boy Genius's sticky fingers and I also talk about September 11th. I didn't mean to talk about it for so long, but it sort of just turned out that way. I love that I've gotten some more reviews on iTunes, and I've gotten my first two voicemails!!! Granted - I didn't play them, but it's because I'm still pretty novice about pod casting!

I hope everyone is doing well and like my therapist says - That's all the time we have for today!

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