Thursday, December 11, 2008

Try to Prove I Don't Have ADHD!

Hey Everyone! Sorry I've been gone - lots of shit going on! I mention a few podcasts this time around, including a new one that I've found. Talk about the perils of having an asshole as a sperm donor, the drama of finding Cupcake a formal dress and a bunch of other shit! Please take care, PLEASE leave me more reviews on iTunes and call me or something?!?

Yeah, so I know I tend to copy my show notes directly into my blogs, but it's getting pretty late and I STILL need to get the baby off my chair and into bed! I hope that everyone's okay, b/c this time I go over some viewer mail (I would LOVE to get more PLEASE!!!) and talk about a bunch of random things!

Love y'all!!!!

~Princess Honah
(206) 312-4719

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