Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Me in Pieces

Okay, so I'm not actually crying or anything during this episode - I'm just all over the board b/c I'm SO HAPPY that I've finally reached my 10% weight loss goal! And for me - that's a BIG deal!

And I'm sorry I haven't posted here in 20 days, but the last podcast or two - I've just had SO MUCH other stuff going on that I wasn't able to do anything. But things have been their usual trainwreck - Chi-Chi is in hospital AGAIN, Dottie got into YET ANOTHER car accident, I've given a "throw down" to Spanking Bea Arthur, and I talk about my most recent first date (first one in... 2 yrs?) - SHIT! talk about a dry spell! Dang!

I have no plans for NYE beyond staying safetly inside my own house! And knowing my luck - I'll probably be reading or something and COMPLETELY miss the ball dropping again. Oh well - wouldn't be the first year! But I'm REALLY excited - America's Pod Casting Sweetheart has graciously agreed to join me on New Years Day to record! And I'm SO EXCITED!!! I'm sorry - I'm like any other "regular" groupie/fan - to have joined Archer's gang bang show TWO DAYS IN A ROW and now for Tim to come on my show - it's BIG things to me! I still remember how excited I got when Mary (A Drink To Be Sober) read my very first MySpace email that I had sent her. But if ANYONE SOMEONE could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know that you're out there and give me any type of feedback on ANY of the items I mentioned on this show - I'd be REALLY grateful! Because I'm still kinda bummed that my listener line is now defunct...

Please have a great NYE and I'll catch y'all next year!

Love y'all!
~Princess Honah

Anastasia_Beaverhausen@comcast.net (could I have picked a longer email?!)

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